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"A Message to Victors"

A Revolt Against Rape Culture

· poetry,videoart,choreopoetry

"A Message to Victors", a Choreopoem

                    A revolt against rape culture

was first showcased at "Operation Consent", an art show promoting awareness on rape culture.

The "choreopoem", a term first coined in 1975 by Ntozake Shange in a description of her work, "for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf," works as a redemption. “A Message to Victors,” a Choreopoem is the three-way love child between poet, Gboea Flumo; director, Kyna Uwaeme; and actress, Lewsha’ -Camille.

“I was molested as a child, so this project hit home with me.. maybe too much.. too the point where calling it “art” seems laughable. Because theatre and art is pretty and free and happy, not gritty, dirty, and worn down. or, so they say. Am I an artist or activist? or Both?”
-Lewsha’ -Camille

A sort of ritual, “A Message to Victors” works as a cleansing of the past guilt and shame; and walks boldly, as Queens, into a new future of hope, and agape.

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